About Self-Advocates: Amy

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This month, we’re looking at some of the people who have helped inspire the Start with Hi movement. Amy is one of them.

Amy is a self-advocate who “walks the talk,” greeting and welcoming people at every turn. She loves to encourage and congratulate others because she knows how good it feels. Amy is an inspiring speaker and when she makes presentations she talks about how proud she is of her family and friends, how fulfilling her life feels and how she is open to talking and sharing with others.

According to Amy, just saying hi can seem simple enough, but it’s very powerful. Amy tells us to not be afraid to say hi and not let fear keep us silent. By reaching past that fear to say hi to someone else, we can make new connections and revitalize old ones.

Amy’s optimistic message is inspiring. She makes others feel included, valued, visible.

She chooses to see everything (and everyone) around her as an opportunity  — what positive way to live life!

By being a self-advocate, Amy is helping all of us understand how meaningful it is to feel included. We can’t thank her enough for her hopefulness and inspiration.

Thanks Amy!

Watch Amy’s Video

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