About Self-Advocates: Cliff

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This month, we’re looking at why we started Start with Hi, and some of the people without whom all of our efforts would be impossible.

Cliff is a self-advocate who cares about making everyday activities simple for anyone. He loves taking the bus wherever he goes, and over time he’s come to know the bus drivers on his regular route quite well.

When bus drivers started to greet Cliff on the bus, it became easier for him to ask for help when he was being bullied. It’s a natural instinct to ask for help from someone else, but it’s not always easy to do. We’ve all felt shy asking for help sometimes, and when it comes to asking for help from a stranger, we might feel too shy to ask at all.

Help can mean something as simple as explaining a bus schedule, or trying out something new at the gym with a friend instead of by yourself. It’s often the little things like this that make the biggest difference in our day.

By being a self-advocate, Cliff is helping all of us build stronger, safer communities. We can’t thank Cliff enough for all his work and enthusiasm.

Thanks Cliff!

Watch Cliff’s video.

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