About Self-Advocates: Emily

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This month, we’re looking at why we started Start with Hi, and some of the people without whom all of our efforts would be impossible.

Emily is all about those small changes in your neighbourhood that make a huge difference. For her, starting with Hi means making more of an effort to reach out to those people you see every day near your home.

Can you remember the last time you said hi to a new neighbour? Making someone new feel welcome has a powerful effect on the whole community. We’re all safer and more likely to help one another when we make an effort to connect with one another.

Neighbourhoods can mean your local block, but it can also mean something much bigger. Emily volunteers at S.U.C.C.E.S.S., an organization that helps new Canadians. For Emily, the neighbourhood doesn’t just mean houses nearby, it means a community where people want to make their home.

It’s important to feel welcome and included. From Emily’s view, reaching out to your neighbours is just as beneficial to you as it is to them. Remembering that inclusion is a two-way street is an important part of Start With Hi.

Welcoming others helps the whole community.

By being a self-advocate, Emily is showing us just how much can be accomplished with a simple hi. We can’t thank her enough for her inspiring example.

Thanks Emily!

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