About Self-Advocates: Manjeet

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This month, we’re looking at why we started Start with Hi, and some of the people without whom all of our efforts would be impossible.

Manjeet is a self-advocate who cares about making her world a more inclusive place. She sits on the board of the Semiahmoo House Society and works hard to make others feel like they belong.

Saying hi can be a very simple and powerful tool. Manjeet has done public speaking on behalf of other self-advocates and she uses her message about starting with Hi to advocate for big changes. She has met with legislators and others who can make a real difference for people  and families touched by disabilities.

Manjeet expressed the heart of Start With Hi on Global News BC earlier this year, and has met with prominent Canadians to talk about the real challenges faced by people touched by disabilities. She knows that starting a real connection with a Hi makes it easier for people to work together to overcome obstacles.

Manjeet’s energy and activism are truly inspiring for all of us. Her insistence that we include one another and really hear each other when we need assistance, or just to connect, is important for anyone. Making space for others and thinking about how to make more inclusion happen can change the world, one small space at a time.

Everyone deserves to feel cared for.

By being a self-advocate, Manjeet is helping to demonstrate the kind of inclusion we should all expect from one another. We can’t thank her enough for her courage and energy.

Thanks Manjeet!

Watch Manjeet’s Video

See Manjeet on Global BC

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