About Self-Advocates: TracyJo

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This month, we’re looking at why we started Start with Hi, and some of the people without whom all of our efforts would be impossible.

TracyJo is a self-advocate who cares about finding things we have in common, instead of focusing on what makes each of us different. She knows that making and maintaining connections helps everyone.

One important part of TracyJo’s video is the connection she has to the people at the Echo newspaper. By keeping her connections strong, TracyJo now knows that there are people who will check in with her if they think she might need help. Instead of having to ask for help if she needs it, TracyJo has people in her life who will offer help and stay connected with her.

Keeping up our relationships is so important for just the reason that TracyJo reminds us of. It’s not always fair to expect someone in trouble to work up the courage to ask for help. It’s up to all of us to be observant and sensitive to the people around us.

Feeling valued and cared-for is something everyone needs.

By being a self-advocate, TracyJo is helping all of us understand how important it is to feel connected and we can’t thank her enough for her insights and enthusiasm.

Thanks TracyJo!

Watch TracyJo’s video.

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