About CLBC.


CLBC is a recognized leader in supporting adults with developmental disabilities to live good lives in welcoming communities.


In partnership with our stakeholders, CLBC facilitates and manages a responsive and sustainable network of supports and services that assists adults with developmental disabilities to be full participants in their communities.


Respect for individuals, families, partners, and staff

  • We recognize and build on each individual’s abilities and believe that disability should not define how a person is viewed or treated
  • We work with our partners in a spirit of cooperation and open dialogue
  • We continue to build and support an engaged workforce by recognizing the contribution and commitment of each of our employees

Results Matter

  • We use research to support evidence-based decision making
  • We measure outcomes for those we serve and in accordance with our mandate and agreements with government
  • We are accountable — professionally, financially, environmentally, and socially

Excellence through innovation and knowledge creation

  • We work with our partners and adopt examples of progressive practice from our own and other jurisdictions to create innovative, person-centered solutions at the local level
  • We ensure new knowledge is incorporated into practice within our service delivery structure by networking with sector leaders
  • We challenge conventional wisdom and incorporate evaluation into everything we do

Open minds

  • We approach each task with fairness and flexibility
  • We believe that no one has a monopoly on good ideas or the best way to get a job done; we are open to learning from others to support our commitment to innovation
  • We have candid conversations with stakeholders to ensure that we act in the best interests of the individuals we support and in ways that are sustainable

Value for money

  • We balance effectiveness with cost in the delivery of any support, service, business process or activity

To learn more about Community Living BC, please visit our website. (www.communitylivingbc.ca)