Manjeet in Her Community.

Manjeet is a self-advocate for start with hi. Her goal is to help others start with a simple hi and get people talking about what we can all accomplish together.

In addition to Start with Hi, Manjeet is also a member of the board of the Semiahmoo House Society. She’s a real people person, and her energy and enthusiasm make it really easy to join Manjeet to make big things happen in her community.

Manjeet knows how important it is to say hi and ensure others feel included, rather than just assuming that everyone is already comfortable.

She’s found most people around her to be very welcoming and supportive. We joined her at the Semiahmoo House Society to talk about what it is in her life that makes her feel welcomed and included.

It doesn’t take long for Manjeet to feel like she belongs. She’s working to let everyone know that by starting with a simple hi, anyone can feel like a part of the community almost right away.

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